Best TENS Unit Review. Portable Pain Management

tens unit

Used by millions of people worldwide a TENS unit is a brilliant way to treat chronic and acute pain symptoms.  This is versatile pain relief. With a TENS unit you can target your pain precisely.  Because TENS therapy is considered free of side effects, you can use it as often…

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Best Shiatsu Massage Pillow Reviews. Shiatsu Massage At Home.

featured shiatsu

The shiatsu massage pillow has become very popular for relieving tension and stress without having to leave home. Shiatsu means ‘finger pressure’ in Japanese. It is a physical therapy that works on the whole person to strengthen the body’s ability to heal and balance itself.  Originating in Japan from traditional Chinese…

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Gait Analysis Explained

Early Gait Analysis. Not!!

  Before getting into the why and the wherefores of choosing the correct insole or sports shoe. Lets look into what is termed “Gait Analysis”. This helps us and a bio mech technician understand the way our feet strike the road and identify any movement related problems. Originally developed for…

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Nutrition and Injury Recovery

Ok we are injured, sidelined almost certainly unhappy and frustrated in equal measures. Well we are where we are so lets deal with it! LETS LOOK AT NUTRITION. Athletes are normally very good at focusing on nutrition when in serious training but most times overlook the importance of it when…

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The Dreaded Metatarsal Injury

Metatarsal Marathon

  Although many of us have dreamed about being elite athletes, nobody wants to join the elite club that have fractured or in fact broken their metatarsal bones, Unfortunately these days it’s an all to common occurrence in all levels of active impact sports. Lets face it if you are…

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