Best Facial Steamer Review. Does a Facial Sauna Work the Magic?

A facial steamer is just a great addition to your current skincare regime. If you are like me you are like me you probably exfoliate, moisturise, thoroughly cleanse, morning and evening, and maybe a mask once or twice a month. ( I love the delicious Dead Sea Mud Mask

The traditional way of steaming the face of course was a bowl of hot water, sometimes infused with herbs, and a warm towel over the head. That is still a great way to go, but does have a few drawbacks as the steam does seem to die down pretty rapidly. So you are just left with the nice herbal smell. 

Most spa and beauty salons offer a facial steaming to start their facial treatments, thats great too for a bit of luxurious TLC, but most of us just don’t have time for that kind of regular treat.  Thankfully there are now many types of facial steamers on the market that we can safely and conveniently use at home.

Since getting my home facial steamer, I normally use it just once or twice a week, I have definitely noticed an improvement in my overall skin texture and tone, Especially when checking it out from really close up in my husbands shaving mirror.

It seems such a really simple thing to do but it has so many great benefits.

So How Does a Facial Sauna Work the Magic?

Well I think that most people know that warm steam softens skin and opens pores. That’s when the magic begins I suppose. As the steam softens the skin it starts to release its dead cells. When the dead cells that are clogging the skin have gone, dirt and bacteria are easily released too. Obviously the deeper the skin is cleaned the less chance of breakouts and blackheads. The steamer does help to open your pores so your cleansing products are better absorbed. I particularly noticed those tiny, pesky side of the nose blackheads were completely gone in just a couple of weeks using the facial steamer and my normal products.

Steaming helps to improve circulation to the face, the warm steam makes the blood vessels dilate and increase blood flow to the skin.  This is what makes the skin appear plumped, clearer and younger. How great is that.

The Facial Steamer That I use.

This is the facial steamer that I use. I choose this model for a couple of reasons, First I liked the size of the face bowl, it’s just the size I was looking for. The Conair is wide enough to allow pretty much all the face inside.  All the important areas can be treated from quite close range. The steam does not come out too fast or strangely, although steam should be 100ºc, it’s not too hot to handle. I have to admit the price did play a factor too, this was my first time to buy an at home steamer, and this had such a “buy me” price I took the plunge.

Am I happy with the Conair? Yes, really happy, for the price it is just amazing value. It might not have the functions that other steamers have, but I just wanted steam from a steamer. How weird am I? It heats up in around 2-3 minutes, so by the time you have pinned back your hair and given your face an initial clean then it’s ready to go. At the time of writing was retailing at $24.99. To see the current price >>

Aromatherapy and your Facial Steamer.

First, facial steamers manufacturers mostly recommend using distilled water in their devices. Distilled water not only ensures the purity of the steam, it also helps to eliminate calcium buildup that might occur if you use regular tap water. With some steamers you can add a few drops of aromatherapy essential oils which give an especially nice experience. Certain essential oils are terrific for clearing clogged sinuses and relieving some types of headaches.

When I use essential oils I just add  of drops to the water as it is boiling. Keep your eyes closed when you use these oils.  They are so concentrated you might feel their effects by feeling slight irritation your eyes.

If I am using fresh or dried herbs then I will boil them gently for a short time to  infuse the water.  Then I strain out the herbs and use the water in my Conair steamer.

Other Facial Steamer Options

If you are looking for something a little more sophisticated than the Conair, there are many choices on the market. From near salon grade devices, to steamers that offer more functions than just a simple on/off. Of course the price does reflect the functions included and quality of the manufacture.


Secura Nano Ionic NanoCare Facial Steamer

Secura Nano Ionic NanoCare Facial Steamer _

Secura Nano Facial Steamer

This is a no no frills steamer too. It can rapidly generate an abundant fine mist to warm the skin and open your pores ready for your next treatment. It doesn’t come with the large mask that the Conair has, so you need to position yourself a little more carefully to get the best results. The water tank is quite small, but still gives plenty of time to complete your steam session before it needs topping up. The built in nozzle is fixed in one position. Unfortunately the manual advises against using essential oils in the unit. This unit comes in at the budget price of $33.99 at the time of writing. To see current price >>

Panasonic Steamer Nano Care Pink EH-SA95-P


Panasonic Facial Steamer Nano Care Pink EH-SA95-P

Panasonic Steamer Nano Care Pink

Well this home facial steamer does really have everything pretty much covered. I looks like it offers as close as you can get to a beauty salon experience in your own home. It is obviously a great device, but quite expensive.  The extra functions it offers over its cheaper sister model I have listed below don’t seem to stack up.
It offers hot and cold mist options.  A double steam outlet that produces fast and slow mists that you can adjust to suit yourself. What is useful is the adjustable nozzles that you can direct to the most convenient angle.  It say it includes “nano technology” which could be slightly misleading, it just means that it produces an extremely fine mist that penetrates the skin quicker.
The misting cycles are  pre-programmed, including a 7 minute hot cold program. At the time of writing this steamer was $340.00.  To see current price >>




Panasonic EH-SA31VP Spa-Quality Facial Steamer

Panasonic EH-SA31VP Spa-Quality Facial SteamerPanasonic EH-SA31VP

I think this Panasonic model is a good option. It also has the “nano technology” of its high class, high priced sister machine. It works at the push of a button, and generates the same wave of steam particles 4,000 times finer than ordinary steam.  This penetrates,  and moisturises to thoroughly cleanse your skin. Unfortunately the manufacturer does not recommend the use of any additives to the water with this model. No aromatherapy I’m afraid. A fairly small reservoir takes less than half a cup of water, but that is still enough to get a good 6 minute treatment from the steamer. At the time of writing it retails at $129..00.  To see current price >>



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